About Dr Harinder





  • MBBS NTR University Of Health Sciences India 2010

  • MD PAEDIATRICS NTR University Of Health Sciences 2016

Certificate of Specialist Accreditation

  • PDCR 2011

  • Fellowship in Diabetes (BMJ) 2017

Awards & Recognitions

  • Pre Residency

I did clerkship in the Department of Endocrinology, University of Connecticut in 2010 under Dr. Pamela Taxel for one month and in the Department of Rheumatology in the same university under Dr. Lakshmi Narayan.


  • Residency

I started training in Paediatrics at Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences from NTR University. This was a three year course.

Dr.Sukanya, MBBS,MD, Professor and HOD and was an excellent teacher. It housed the regional tertiary Perinatal Unit ( NICU ) and PICU. I did elective in emergency paediatric unit from Nilofer hospital, one of the biggest paediatric centre in South East Asia, as my elective training for two month. 

  • Post-Residency

I worked as Senior Registrar in Nilofer Hospital for a period of 7 months. I was fortunate to receive excellent training in general paediatrics, NICU, PICU and Adolescent paediatrics. It is a referral centre for Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and outlying districts of Maharastra. The outpatient load is around 200 per day and paediatric inpatient admissions accounting to about 70 – 80 per day. NICU inpatient strength going up to 180 at any given time. I got an opportunity to work under Dr. Nirmala, Dr. Alvelu and was exposed to variety of cases such as very low birth weights, preterm and diabetic ketoacidosis, haemophilic disorders and malnutrition.


I started my online/onsite certification in Diabetology with a satisfying learning experience under Dr. Anoop Mishra for a period of 6 months.

I then moved to Tanvir Hospital, Hyderabad and was appointed as consultant paediatrics. I was fortunate in organising free HPV Vaccination to 15 children in the age group of 9 – 13 years, with a follow up of one year, in association with GAPIO in 2017.I would like to thank Dr. Naunihal Singh and Dr. Sanku Rao for their support. 

I am very grateful to Dr. Naunihal Singh, who has been instrumental in widening my scope of learning in Paediatric endocrinology. 

I have keen interest in pursuing paediatric endocrinology as i believe with the current lifestyle there is going to be an exponential rise in obesity, Type I Diabetes, PCOD and other hormonal disorders. With the right guidance parents and children can be educated to follow a healthy lifestyle in preventing non – communicable diseases. I am blessed to be working at Tanvir Hospital which has a GE DXA prodigy where work is being done in osteoporosis and body composition.