Most vaccines prevent infections, There are two vaccines which prevent cancers hepatitis B prevents liver cancer, HPV prevents cervical cancer
Vaccines are available for newborns, children , adolescent, adults and for old people.
Travel vaccination is needed for travel inside and outside India.


Benefits OF NEONATAL, CHILDHOOD and ADOLOSCENT Vaccination are well known

  • Adult vaccination can minimize the burden of illness in adult caused by vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs.)
  • Adult vaccination can reduce the risk for VPD transmission to at risk children.
  • Adult vaccination is critical in individuals at higher risk for specic VPDs, particularly the elderly and those with chronic medical disorders.
  • Weighing an individual’s risk for VPDs can help determine the need for vaccination, even if population based epidemiological data is lacking.
  • During outbreaks of pandemic influenza, vaccination plays an important role in bringing down the disease burden.
  • It is challenging to implement adult vaccination strategies even while target goals for childhood vaccination are not in place.
  • Clearly, controlling infection through vaccination in adults must become a national priority for India

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