Who should attend?

     Couples planning for a pregnancy

Are you ready for Parenthood?

     Health of the couple involves the physical, mental, emotional, financial stability and life plans

"Reap what you sow —A healthy SPERM and EGG"

“The womb may be more important than the home” - David Barker

Is It Important to plan?

      YES ,IT IS !!!
       The embryo begins to develop at the same time a woman expects her next period to start – before she even knows she’s pregnant!
       All major organs form in the first 2 months of development Major birth defects can occur at that time .Brain and heart are the first organs to develop

When to start planning?

       Sperm takes up to 3 months to develop. The maturation of the egg takes 3-4 months
       The health of today’s sperm and egg depends on the health of the male and female over the last 3 months.

What are the situations which need a prepregnancy health plan?

Three Situations
Prepregnancy: Health status and risks before pregnancy. The focus extends to MEN, too.
Peripregnancy: Immediately before conception and till the baby settles in the womb
In between pregnancy: Period between pregnancies

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