Who should attend?

    If you have missed your period, and home pregnancy test shows positive
  There exist a powerful anatomical, physiological and spiritual association between the mother and child because baby is deriving all the life needed nutrients through maternal blood

What is pregnancy?

  Pregnancy is not a disease.,It is joy and happiness inside. Fetus is completely dependent on the mother for growth and development – physically , emotionally and psychologically.
  We recommend — Good Nutritious Diet, Exercise, Adequate Sleep , Be positive and happy , and Regular Antenatal check ups

God has blessed you with his choicest blessings!
Enjoy the journey!
Be prepared for a lifetime bond!

What are regular check ups?

1st to 6th month- once in a month

7th and 8th month- once in 15 days

9 month- once in a week

Number of Visits may increase for high risk pregnancy

What tests are done?

At Booking

CBP , RBS/OST, Serum TSH, Free T4, CUE, Viral
Screening, Blood Group and Rh Typing.
OST/Hb1c – Screening for GDM at booking/24- 28 weeks

11th to 13th Weeks

Double Marker (PAPP-A + betaHCG)-Screening for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 18, Trisomy 13, NIPT-Cell free DNA

16th to 18th Weeks

Quadruple Marker (Alpha Feto Protein+ betaHCG + Estriol+inhibin)
Screening for Neural Tube Defects

For women above 35yrs option for Chorionic villous sampling/Amniocentesis

What medications are given?

  • Lifestyle management and supplements only.
  • Medications for associated medical problems

Are Immunisations important?

Yes they are . You need to take the influenza vaccine and the Tdap / TT 
For First 3 Months — Folic Acid Daily
From 4th Month up to Delivery — Iron with folic acid once daily before Food,Calcium Daily Twice after Food
Never Take Over The Counter Drugs, Always Consult your  Obstetrician

How Many Ultrasounds?

Low Risk Pregnancy
No. of Scans- 4
At Booking – Dating + Cervix Length
11- 13.3 weeks – NT + Cervix – Uterine Artery Doppler +TR, DV+Early anomaly scan
18-24 weeks – TIFFA + Cervix – Uterine Artery Doppler
30-32 weeks – Growth Scan , Doppler- Optional

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